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26 Gauge Light Duty Steel Roll-Up Doors are the commercial sheet doors featuring universal mount 3” deep 12 gauge galvanized steel guides for strength and durability. The easy insallation, versatility and easy operation make this door the standard of all commercial sheet doors. This 26 gauge light duty steel roll-up door is engineered for reliability and value.

Door Brackets
Galvanized and reinforced one-piece 10 gauges, the door brackets are designed to hold the head stops and easily bolt to the top of the guides. Brackets allow for vertical adjustments and tighter installs.
Spring Tensioner
A single spring tensioner assembly located on one end makes adjusting the door tension easier by adjusting all springs equally at the same time.
Bottom Bar Assembly
The bottom bar is made from roll formed clean acrylic coated galvanized steel, reinforced with a 2" x 1-1/2" x 11" gauge galvanized angle. This bottom bar angle extends fully into the guides and the PVC bulb astragal provides positive contact with the floor. Side bolt bottom bar locks and step plates are installed on each end on the interior of the bottom bar side.
Universal 3" Deep Guides
The guide assembly is roll formed from 12 gauge galvanized steel. Guides are universal and mount to multiple jamb surfaces with no modification.
Door Curtain
The door curtain is galvanized and pre-painted with long-lasting silicone polyester paint. The 26 gauge corrugated curtain is roll formed from ASTM A 653 Grade 80 full hard steel which yields greater door strength and minimizes curtain damage. Full height vinyl strips on both sides of both ends of curtain prevent nesting, reduces paint rubbing and muffles door noises. Twenty standard colors are stocked with special colors available at a nominal charge and additional lead time.
Reduced Drive Chain Hoist
Standard on any commercial door over 10' high and optional on smaller sizes, this gear-reduced, hand operated chain drive installs quickly and is low maintenance. The external tooth spur gear engages with the internal tooth ring gear and can be mounted on the left or right side of the door.
Axle And Barrel Assembly
A full width galvanized steel barrel totally encloses the drums, springs and axle providing even support of the curtain for the entire width. This design reduces door sag and improves operation. All drums are fitted with a grease-filled, shielded radial ball bearing to reduce wear and friction and contribute to better door operation. Factory lubricated, oil-tempered, helical torsion springs located inside the barrel increase cycle life and minimize corrosion. Spring wire conforms to ASTM A 229.

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