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     Lexan Panel
     High Speed Door
  Counter Roll-Up
     Stainless Steel
  High Speed Roll-Up
  Fire Rated Roll-Up
  Folding Closure
  Overhead Sectional
  Strip Door
  Swing Door
  Motor Operation
     Control Station
     Safety Device
     Key Switches
     Fire Access
     Egress Control
     Interlock Switch
     Entry System
     Loop System
     Remote Control Kit

Wireless Entry Keypad
LiftMaster Security+ 2.0
Tri-band 390 MHz, 315 MHz, and 310 MHz
Power ----------- 9V Lithium battery
Enclosure ------ NEMA 3R

Perfect For Small Residential Communities, Small Businesses, Offering 5 permanent PINs And 10 Unique Temporary PINs.
4.3" W x 6" H x 1.75" D
Commercial Digital Keyless Entry
Exterior Flush Mount Single Gang Keypad with 100 Codes, Reprogrammable (back box not supplied)
12/24VAC/DC, FACEPLATE: H 4-1/2", W 2-3/4"

ADV-100M Exterior Post/Surface Mount Keypad in Metal Enclosure with Membrane Keypad, 100 Codes, Reprogrammable
H 5-1/4", W 4", D 3-1/4"
Industrial Digital Keyless Entry
Exterior Keyless Entry, Metal Keys with Light, Reprogrammable 1000 Codes 12/24VAC/DC
H 4-3/4", W 3-1/4", D 2-3/4"

t26-100L Exterior Keyless Entry, Metal Keys, 100 Codes, With Light and Latch Code, Reprogrammable 12/24VAC/DC
H 5-1/2", W 4-3/4", D 5-1/2"
Other Models Available

tAC-480 Exterior Keyless Entry, Metal Keys, 480 Codes, 2 Relays, with Light 12/24VAC/DC
H 5-1/2", W 4", D 3"
Proximity Card Reader

Stand Alone Proximity Reader with 3" Read Range, Two Relays, 16.5 VAC Power Requirements, Adapter Included
H 6-1/2", W 5-1/2", D 4-1/4"
Exterior Intercom Stations
Exterior Intercom with Programmable Digital Keypad, Multiple User Program Codes 3-1000
H 5-1/4", W 4-3/4", D 5-1/3"

Exterior Intercom with Card Reader, Speaker 2-1/4" Mylar
H 4-3/8", W 7-1/4", D 5-1/2"

Exterior Intercom with Key Station, 3 amp, 125VAC, Switch Logic NO or NC
H 4-1/8", W 7-1/4", D 5-1/2"
TEK-COM Interior Intercom Available
A-Ped 42 inch Height Mounting Face: 3-7/8"W x 3-7/8"L Slots: 1/4"W x 3/4"L

B-Ped 42 inch Height Mounting Face: 2-3/4"W x 4"L with Holes Centered 1-1/2" x 3"

D-Ped Dual height 42" & 72" Mounting Face: 3-3/4"W x 3-3/4"L

Base Plate Dimensions for All Above 5-11/16" x 5-11/16" with Four Mounting Holes

Items distributed by MMTC, LIFTMASTER.

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